Setting up a 30 minutes work plan.

After a few months living in Australia, researching and thinking about how to overcome my mental block with English, I set up a 30 minutes work plan every day in order to become a consistent student and fulfill my goals with the language.

Some days, I would work for 1 hour or more and I would attend to conversation exchanges. As I mentioned in my previous article, despite my efforts, this wasn’t enough.

I remember thinking that an English native person might not know all about English grammar or studying just on my own without help would never solve my struggles with the language.

Fortunately, one day I met a wonderful English teacher at a language exchange event.

Lucky me! I thought 🙌🏻

The following week we would start 1 to 1 conversation lessons and little by little I solved all my questions about the English language. 

She taught me many things about Australian people and culture that I couldn’t understand without her and a few months later I felt that I was becoming more confident and fluent at speaking.  

5 tips to speak Spanish with confidence

Watching Australian Footy in Melbourne.

All I needed to fulfill my goals with English.

I couldn’t believe it! 

My 30 minutes work plan every day, my teacher’s support and everything I learnt about how to learn languages effectively were working!

In fact, it is all I needed: Consistency, a learning method and a teacher who helped me to be confident while talking English. 

After my transformation, it came to my mind the idea of helping other people who go through the process of learning a foreign language. 

And that is how Spanish Alter Ego was born 💃🏻💥

How to learn Spanish effectively with Spanish Alter Ego.

Being out of my comfort zone and learning how to learn a language led me to fulfill my goals with English.

I’m totally sure that you can do it as well 😃

Un abrazo.


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