Before letting you know about these 5 very important tips to speak Spanish confidently, I would like you to ask yourself the following question:

Do you remember any big mistake made in your life? Think about it, back in the day you probably were very embarrassed or maybe you never talked about it or you weren’t aware of that. Anyway, I’m sure you learnt something from it.

When it comes to languages, it is exactly the same or even more important to make mistakes. Because that means we are aware of them and we can make the proper corrections.

Have you ever found yourself in a native speakers group and feeling not able to speak even a word?

I know what you might be thinking…

It’s too complicated Nuria. First of all Spanish native speakers talk very quick. I always find myself struggling to make a good sentence to say and then the conversation is far away from what I was thinking. Also, sometimes I’m too shy to talk and make mistakes. What would people think about me?

So, I have good news for you!

Making mistakes: One of the best ways to learn and speak Spanish confidently.

To make mistakes is THE BEST THING CAN HAPPEN TO YOU if you are learning Spanish. Because you can improve the language and also gain confidence the next time. And it could be a funny situation you would never forget!

Download the 20 most common mistakes you should never make in Spanish here.

Now that you know that making mistakes is very important to improve your Spanish level, let me teach you these 5 easy and effective tips you can use from now on to help you speak in Spanish fluently and confidently.

  1. Be aware of your fears: We are our biggest enemy. Just think about and analyse what is stopping you from talking or improving.

  1. Value your message. What you need to say is as important as other people’s messages in the conversation. 

  1. Value yourself: You are doing a great and difficult job communicating in a foreign language. Trust yourself.

  1. Don’t think what others think about you: Focus on your message and if you have any mistake, laugh at yourself! Remember that making mistakes is the best thing that can happen to you 😉

  1. Be positive and visualize yourself in a successful Spanish conversation: Think positive and let the mistakes help you improve. You will feel more motivated and full of energy to keep kicking the language.

In my lessons I usually practice all of these techniques and many more strategies with every of my students and the Alter Ego Method in order to improve their confidence while speaking Spanish.

Some of them have already made it, and some of them are still making it. 

Are you ready to become fluent and confident in Spanish?

Learn more about the Spanish Alter Ego Method.

Un abrazo.


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