I would like to keep learning Spanish during the summer.

Summer is the perfect time of the year when a lot of students decide to take the advantage of pushing up their Spanish. But also, when many people wish for a well deserved break. 

If you are one of the second types of people, I guess you’ve wondered that it is better to keep up your Spanish over the summer so that you can’t lose all that you have learned before than having a tough restarting with your Spanish after holidays. 

But, How should I practice?

The thing is we have plenty of options nowadays. From videos, apps, podcasts, till books, articles, magazines, etc. 

So then, What should I choose? How can I use my time wisely?

Over the summer we might be more lazy in terms of working and we tend to rest and doing things smoothly. That ‘s why, it could be unrealistic to set up a similar working plan as we usually do the rest of the year. 

Set up a fixed schedule every day it might not work, but if you are still convinced to do it,

You should know that it is more beneficial to spend some time every day than just practicing for a lot of hours one day. 

If you decide a more relaxed option, you could set up at least 2 days a week to do different activities like: 

  • Listening to a song and looking for new vocabulary.
  • Watching a movie or series
  • Writing a recipe and following the steps in Spanish.
  • Reading a Spanish newspaper.
  • Etc.

My tips for you to learn wisely during summer

Tips to learn Spanish during summer

My recommendation is that you choose what you like and enjoy, always taking into account something very important…. 

Any of the activities you chose for practicing or learning Spanish should be adapted to your Spanish level. You can choose a more challenging activity too, but not too much or you will get frustrated. 

And if you still don’t know where to start practicing Spanish, these are 3 of my essential tips for you:


  1. Select different activities based on these four aspects: listening, writing, reading and speaking. 
  2. Set up the days and times you are learning and add them to your personal schedule. Think of the best and relaxed times for you to practice.
  3. Choose materials and content you like taking into account your Spanish level. 

Also, these are some free activities or exercises you can do to practice your Spanish in summer. 





Hope all of the tips may help you to have a better organization over the summer and you can make the most of your Spanish. 

If you prefer a personalized plan and work consistently in your Spanish I recommend you to choose a language method and a teacher who guides you through the entire process. You will get better and quicker results.  

→ Check out the Alter Ego Method.

Un abrazo.


Spanish Alter Ego

Nuria Juárez. Language teacher and language coach.

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