At the end of this course you will be able:

1. To master all the uses of ser and estar with my tricks.

2. To know the difference between ser bueno, estar bueno or estar bien.

3. To discover how the meaning of ser and estar changes with some adjectives.

4. To learn new expressions with ser and estar. 

5. To be part of the Spanish Alter Ego community and get more discounts on  Spanish courses, workshops, online classes, etc.

How does the SER and ESTAR course look like?

This course is for you if:

1) You have an idea of the grammar used with ser and estar 

(Recommended from A2 to B1/B2 level)

2) You still don’t know how to use ser and estar.

3) You don’t feel confident with these two confusing verbs.

4) You don’t have anyone who can give you answers to your questions with ser and estar.

5) You repeat the same mistakes over and over.

6) You want to master ser and estar in an easy and pratical way.