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Welcome to the Spanish Alter Ego blog where you can find tips & recommendations on how to learn Spanish, curiosities about Spanish culture, and much more.

Blog written by Nuria Juárez – Education specialist and Spanish teacher.

Speak Spanish confidently

Before letting you know about these 5 very important tips to speak Spanish confidently, I would like you to ask yourself the next question: Do you remember any big mistake made in your life? Think about it, back in the day you probably were very embarrassed or maybe...

Mistakes when learning Spanish

Here 13 common mistakes you probably make when learning Spanish. When learning a foreign language we need to pay attention to these mistakes if we really want to success. Did you set up your goals with Spanish already?Are you ready to learn a new language?Do you have...

Learn a language effectively and fluently

One of my trips to Tasmania while learning and practising English. Struggling with English. I am Nuria Juárez, an education specialist and Spanish teacher from Spain. I have been trying to learn English almost all of my life and finding out how to learn a language...