Custom-made online Spanish classes for you

Spanish Alter Ego offers 3 different ways to study Spanish online: Private classes, Group sessions and the online platform option, Academy.

Private classes

The private classes with qualified and experienced Spanish teachers are designed specially for you:


    • 1 hour personal and conversation driven classes, where you will be playing an active role with guidence throughout the entire learning process.

    • Enhance your Listening & Reading comprehension, Spoken & Written expression with contextualised learning materials.
    • Forget about grammar books and have fun! Learn and analyse grammar, vocabulary and structures in a smooth way through interactions.
    • Set a minimun of 4 lessons a month and get involved in the Alter Ego Method to get better results.
    • You count with my personalised support to answer all of your questions and make corrections if needed

Group Sessions

Enjoy learning and practice Spanish together with other students!


    • Join 1 h 15 minutes small conversation groups of maximum 6 people, lead by native and experienced Spanish teachers.
    • Improve your speaking and communication skills by talking about topical issues of your interest.
    • The practising is a dynamic and fun complement to speed up your personal learning process and practise, practise, practise.

Academy Courses

The Spanish Alter Ego Academy is the most flexible option of all.


    • The online platform allows you to study and improve your Spanish whenever you want to, at your own pace.
    • By joining the Academy you will get unlimited access to videos, books, guides, exercises and much more.

“Learning another language is like becoming another person” – Haruki Murakami

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