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How to develop your “Spanish self”

Have you ever heard that speaking another language is like having another personality?

Charlemagne used to say that “to have another language is to possess a second soul”, it is another way of perceiving and understanding the world.

The word “alter ego” comes from Latin and it means “the other self”.  My “alter ego” method is a communicative method to develop your “Spanish self” and improve your personal, communicative and intercultural skills.

The alter ego method consists of 3 pillars:




You will learn how to be successful in studying a language with the use of pedagogical techniques

I will teach you the necessary strategies for you to be aware of how to learn and I will guide you through the entire process to speed up your own learning.

Personal Growth

The first step is to get to know you and focus on your personal growth to:

✔️ Discover and enhance your communication skills: Work on your linguistic, sociolinguistic, pragmatic and discursive competence.

✔️ Develop your confidence when speaking.

✔️ Work on your perseverance  with motivating, daily 30-minute practices.

✔️ Know your goals and resolutions  with Spanish: where you are starting from and where you want to go.


The basis for mastering a language is to understand its culture.

Learning social and cultural skills will help you understand how Spanish people live, think and speak. 

You can also practise the language by being a part of
the Spanish Alter Ego private community  and socialise with other students in your same situation.

And after all this you will wonder, so how are these Spanish classes?


You will be playing an active role and I will guide you throughout the entire learning process. There is a minimum of 4 classes per month and they can be as follows:

1-hour private lessons specially designed for you.

1-hour small conversation groups (maximum of 4 people) to complement and speed up your personal learning process and to practise, practise and practise…

You will have fun and contextualised learning materials

To enhance your listening comprehension, spoken expression, reading comprehension and written expression.

You will be speaking a lot!

Forget about grammar books, you will learn and analyse it more easily in conversation, ,as well as all the vocabulary and structures.

I will help you at all times if corrections are needed and clarify any doubts you may have.

You will get a lot of practice within the Spanish Alter Ego community.

Unlike in other schools and in addition to your private and/or group lessons with me, you will be able to consolidate your knowledge with free additional practice sessions with other students in the community with your same level of Spanish, as well as to keep up to date with events, hangouts, workshops, etc.

Who is this program for?

It is specially designed for people who want to break down social and communication barriers to live a full immersion experience in the Spanish language and its culture. I teach people who wish to:


Take the learning of Spanish seriously.


Learn or improve the language.


Speak with confidence and assurance.


Leave their English —or any other mother tongue— speaking environment.


Interact with other people in their same situation.

What do I need to do?


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First session for free (30')

Once the person receives his/her present:

Contact me at info@spanishalterego.com or Whatssap in order to arrange our first free 30 minutes session.