Discover how to find your Spanish “alter ego” and speak with confidence

Watch this 2 minute video to learn how to get the confidence you need to speak Spanish.

What will I learn in the video?


You will understand the importance of emotions in order to learn a language thoroughly.

Alter Ego

You will discover that learning a language is also about finding your “Spanish self”.


You will understand that boosting your confidence will increase your chances of success.

My name is Nuria

And just like many other students, I spent hours and hours in class learning only grammar.

For a long time I felt insecure, blocked and frustrated… I couldn’t speak fluently and confidently.

Years later, I did some research and training and discovered why.

I wasn’t working on my emotions, especially on my confidence to speak.

That’s why I want you to discover in this video how to work on your confidence to speak Spanish.

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Students who understand the importance of working on their emotions when learning a language