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Aunque ahora no lo creas, tú también puedes hablar español con confianza.

Descubre cómo otros alumnos ya han encontrado su alter ego español.

I cannot express just how much Nuria has helped me not only with Spanish, but also with my learning process.

Nuria cares a lot about me and my process with Spanish. She’s so patient with me, and she’s always very kind when I need more time on some topics, grammar… and everything.

I’ve been learning Spanish for many years and this is the first time I feel that I’m making progress. I’m very grateful and lucky to have found such a wonderful teacher and friend.

I first discovered Alter Ego a little over a year ago. I knew nothing at the time and decided to rely on the Alter Ego method to find my Spanish alter ego.

Together with my teacher Nazaret, I have learned to speak, to understand the grammar and I’m even learning to use colloquial language. We have worked on my emotions during the process, which has given me more confidence to speak.

I recently travelled to Portugal and Spain, and I spoke Spanish the whole time! Maybe not perfectly, but I was speaking Spanish! And this is Alter Ego’s main achievement.

I love everything about our classes, but the best part is talking about my life with my Nazaret.

Hello! My name is Sabina and I have been learning Spanish with Spanish Alter Ego for 5 months. I had already studied the language before and I had an intermediate level, but I lacked confidence and it was really hard for me to speak without thinking too much about each word.

Thanks to the Alter Ego method strategies, I have gained more confidence and now I can express myself with no fear of making mistakes. I have also learnt to integrate Spanish into my daily life in a way that is personalised and adapted to my interests.

As an introvert and procrastinator, these strategies have been key to unlocking my emotions and moving forward. And according to my boyfriend and his family I have improved a lot during these months.
Nuria is a great teacher, she’s very attentive, fun and empathetic, and I really recommend her!

Hi, I’m Marta. I’ve been learning Spanish with Nuria for two years now. At first I felt I couldn’t speak much Spanish, I needed more vocabulary and confidence, but after a few months everything changed and little by little I started to discover my Spanish alter ego.

For me Nuria is much more than a teacher, she listens to you and connects naturally with your stories. It’s like talking to a friend.

What I like the most is having the opportunity to talk about my life, about things that I like to do or that interest me, and during the conversation I learn new relevant words, everyday language and grammar. I usually don’t feel like learning grammar, but Nuria has the ability to use my stories and transform them into little exercises. That’s why grammar is fun.

I always look forward to our classes. I think the Alter Ego method has helped me in improving my skills and also in gaining confidence when speaking Spanish.

After only 4 months I can now talk about many topics and I no longer feel stuck. I find the classes are very amusing, completely personalised and full of interesting topics. It is important to me that we talk a lot about everyday things and situations.

I can see my progress every week and my friends notice it too.

In 4 months I have improved more than in an entire year with my previous lessons.

I felt that I needed to understand the Spanish language and grammar better.

The classes are helping me a lot, and I am now more fluent in Spanish and can create sentences with more confidence.

I recommend Nuria’s classes to all, since she is also very nice company.

Hello, I’m Claudia. I started studying Spanish with apps and online classes, but I reached a point where I felt blocked with my Spanish and unable to progress any further.

After almost a year of classes with Spanish Alter Ego, I feel that my ability to communicate with Spanish speakers has increased and it is easier to understand films, videos or read books.

Nazaret is an outstanding teacher. All classes are fully adapted to what you need and want to achieve. Also to your interests and preferences.

Nuria basically taught me everything I know about Spanish. And many people already tell me that I sound like a local!

When I started classes with Nuria I had a beginner level and now I’m in an advanced one. Learning Spanish gave me the opportunity to talk, to understand other cultures, and also to travel a lot to Spain and Latin America. In addition, it is very good to exercise my aging brain.

Nuria is an excellent teacher. She is kind and generous. She has a personal, empathetic and very practical style. Working with Nuria has been a great experience because I have learned a lot. I had fun, too

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