Bring out the Spanish version of you!

Join personal and fun online classes with Nuria Juárez and the Spanish Alter Ego Method that takes your Spanish to the next level.

Customized classes

Individual and personalised classes created to adjust to your personal goals and needs.


Study from anywhere with native Spanish teachers from Spain.

Conversation driven

Dynamic and conversation driven classes where you are playing an active role.


All levels

From beginners to advanced. The Spanish Alter Ego Method is specialized in English speakers of all levels.

Proven Method

The Spanish Alter Ego teaching method is based on pedagogical techniques, personal growth and Spanish culture.

Social Events

Practice your Spanish in hangouts and workshops with other students in the Spanish Alter Ego Community.

Private Classes

1 hour classes designed specially for you. Get maximum out of your Spanish practise with qualified and experienced Spanish teachers.

Group Sessions

Join 1h 30 minutes small conversation groups of maximum 4 people. Improve your Spanish in a dynamic and fun way together with other students!

Academy Courses

The Spanish Alter Ego Academy – an online platform that allows you to study and improve your Spanish whenever you want to, at your own pace. Get unlimited access to videos, books, exercises and much more!

The Spanish Alter Ego Method

It’s common to feel stuck, frustrated or stressed when learning a new language. With the Alter Ego Method you will acquire deep and practical knowledge to help you speak Spanish in your daily life and in a sustainable way over time.

This exclusive educational method was developed by Nuria Juárez based on her personal experience learning languages and also teaching Spanish for over 8 years.

Lenca, Slovenia


After only 4 months I can now talk about many topics and I no longer feel stuck. I find the classes are very amusing, completely personalised and full of interesting topics. It is important to me that we talk a lot about everyday things and situations. I can see my progress every week and my friends notice it too. In 4 months I have improved more than in an entire year with my previous lessons..”

Lenca Zorko Linkedin

Jenny, The UK

”I felt that I needed to understand the Spanish language and grammar better. The classes are helping me a lot, and I am now more fluent in Spanish and can create sentences with more confidence. I recommend Nuria’s classes to all, since she is also very nice company.”

Jenny Rivett Linkedin

Rob, Australia

When I started classes with Nuria I had a beginner level and now I’m in an advanced one. Learning Spanish gave me the opportunity to talk, to understand other cultures, and also to travel a lot to Spain and Latin America. In addition, it is very good to exercise my aging brain. Nuria is an excellent teacher. She is kind and generous. She has a personal, empathetic and very practical style. Working with Nuria has been a great experience because I have learned a lot. I had fun, too

Rob Ryan Wisdom Plus Work

Mark, USA

“Nuria basically taught me everything I know about Spanish. And many people already tell me that I sound like a local!”

Mark Hendrickson Website

Will, Ireland:

I have learned Spanish with Nuria during the last few months. At first I didn’t have much confidence and couldn’t speak without thinking about every word and verb. However, after each class with Nuria I gained more confidence and now I can speak it well (it is my first language with many co-workers). She is a very professional, kind and flexible teacher.

Will Fleury Website

Zoe, The UK:

”I was really happy with Nuria as my teacher, I was with her for about a year. We did mainly conversation classes and she corrected me at every mistake I made which is really useful and necessary. She also taught me many aspects of grammar that I had tried nor thought of. Furthermore, I learnt a lot of slang and expressions which was really useful. I would recommend her to anyone!”

Zoe Gidelberg Linkedin

Shelly, Australia:

”Since studying with Nuria, my Spanish has improved significantly. As a teacher she is patient, taking the time to explain complicated grammar. I enjoy studying with Nuria because her classes are always fun and insightful, and I’ve learnt a lot not only about the Spanish language but also about Spanish culture. Understanding the culture has helped me understand the language on a deeper level and has improved my confidence in speaking Spanish considerably. I highly recommend Nuria as your Spanish teacher.”

Shelly Payne Linkedin

Simon, The UK:

”Nuria is a very good teacher. She is very nice, patient and explains things very simply. Her classes are varied and fun.”

Simon Whyatt Website

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