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Would you like to speak Spanish in no time while having fun?

Develop your «Spanish self» with 30 minutes a day and my «Alter Ego» method.

You want to learn or improve your Spanish but…

You are surrounded by English all around and you don’t know how to practise Spanish.

You get frustrated when you don’t understand the language well and cannot communicate.

You find it hard to progress because you cannot find someone to practise Spanish with.

You lack confidence when speaking and you are not sure about what you are saying.

You are afraid to talk to other people because you think you might make a mistake.

Hi there!

I am Nuria Juárez, education specialist and Spanish teacher,

and I know how you feel when you don’t understand a language or you have no one to practise it with,  because it all happened to me too.

Spanish everywhere…

In 2017 I went to live in Australia, after having lived in Ireland and England some years earlier. This time, I really wanted to learn English by becoming fully integrated into the way of living and thinking of the country, by creating my Australian self. 

Surprisingly, I realised after a few months that I was surrounded by Spanish all around. I worked as a Spanish teacher in a language school, had Spanish friends and lived with Spanish-speaking housemates.

Sometimes, even when buying at the supermarket or eating out at a restaurant, people would speak to me in Spanish.…

Practising English was almost impossible!

It soon became clear to me that my goal of learning the language and becoming integrated into the culture was not going to be fully accomplished.  That was when I asked myself, what is the point of being in another country and not being able to learn the language and culture properly?

Looking for the Australian alter ego

Despite my efforts to organise Spanish-English language exchanges, study on my own or talk to locals, I needed more help.

I sometimes could not understand everything that people were saying to me or hold a full conversation in a group. It took me ages to put a sentence together, and although Australians are super respectful and patient, I felt I had to do more. I sought extra help and found a local teacher who taught me a lot.

I improved my English and my confidence to speak and communicate, I learned many things about the culture that I would not have learned without her help and thanks to that I also met more locals.

My life in Australia changed completely,  I fulfilled my goals, I managed to find my Australian self and felt that I was making the most of the experience.

For this reason, my purpose now is to help you make the best of your adventure and to develop «your Spanish self»

My values:


100% commitment

To the work that is carried out. I respond to your needs and get involved in each case individually. In exchange, I also need your commitment so that everything flows properly.



To put ourselves in the shoes of another person and to understand them, along with cross-cultural empathy to be open enough to perceive the world from a culture that is not our own. 



To achieve our goals and trust in the people who help us to make them possible.


Freedom of being and flexibility

To adapt to new ways of thinking and doing, and thus, obtaining the resources to function in another culture and language.



With oneself and with others without being prematurely judgemental.

My time in other countries, and in Australia in particular, has led me to reflect and better understand how to learn a language, experience another culture, feel that you leave the comfort zone to fully enjoy adventure.

Learning a language is a continuous process of immersion into a different way of thinking and living.

Throughout my 12 years of professional experience as an education specialist and Spanish teacher I have been able to discover the 3 main reasons why many people fail to learn a language:

Lack of perseverance and objectives

Lack of a teaching method

Lack of self-confidence

Unlike with traditional methods or some others claiming that you can learn a language effortlessly, if you truly want to learn Spanish properly and be fluent you need:

To work with perseverance,

to get involved and to practise, practise and practise.

A proven, meaningful and fun method,

since as neuroeducation has shown, the brain only learns when emotions are involved.

A guide to enhance your skills

and to know what to do at every step of your learning process.

You may be interested to know that…

I hold a degree in Pedagogy (Education) from the University of Salamanca, I trained as a teacher of Spanish as a foreign language at the International House Barcelona School and I studied a master’s degree in Intervention in learning difficulties at the ISEP.

During the first years of my professional career I worked as a teacher and social educator in different schools and educational centres. Later, I also worked as a trainer of trainers and became head of an English academy for children.

In 2013, the economic crisis in Spain and my own personal crisis led me to my reinvention and to finding the way to a dream that I had had in mind for a long time: to become a language teacher.

How to develop your «Spanish self»

Have you ever heard that speaking another language is like having another personality?

Charlemagne used to say that “to have another language is to possess a second soul”, it is another way of perceiving and understanding the world.

The word “alter ego” comes from Latin and it means “the other self”.  My “alter ego” method is a communicative method to develop your “Spanish self” and improve your personal, communicative and intercultural skills.

The alter ego method consists of 3 pillars:




You will learn how to be successful in studying a language with the use of pedagogical techniques

I will teach you the necessary strategies for you to be aware of how to learn and I will guide you through the entire process to speed up your own learning.

Personal Growth

The first step is to get to know you and focus on your personal growth to:

✔️ Discover and enhance your communication skills: Work on your linguistic, sociolinguistic, pragmatic and discursive competence.

✔️ Develop your confidence when speaking.

✔️ Work on your perseverance  with motivating, daily 30-minute practices.

✔️ Know your goals and resolutions  with Spanish: where you are starting from and where you want to go.


The basis for mastering a language is to understand its culture.

Learning social and cultural skills will help you understand how Spanish people live, think and speak. 

You can also practise the language by being a part of
the Spanish Alter Ego private community  and socialise with other students in your same situation.

And after all this you will wonder, so how are these Spanish classes?


You will be playing an active role and I will guide you throughout the entire learning process. There is a minimum of 4 classes per month and they can be as follows:

1-hour private lessons specially designed for you.

1-hour small conversation groups (maximum of 4 people) to complement and speed up your personal learning process and to practise, practise and practise…

You will have fun and contextualised learning materials

To enhance your listening comprehension, spoken expression, reading comprehension and written expression.

You will be speaking a lot!

Forget about grammar books, you will learn and analyse it more easily in conversation, ,as well as all the vocabulary and structures.

I will help you at all times if corrections are needed and clarify any doubts you may have.

You will get a lot of practice within the Spanish Alter Ego community.

Unlike in other schools and in addition to your private and/or group lessons with me, you will be able to consolidate your knowledge with free additional practice sessions with other students in the community with your same level of Spanish, as well as to keep up to date with events, hangouts, workshops, etc.

«You live a new life for every new language you speak. If you know only one language, you live only once»

(Czech proverb) 

Who is this program for?

It is specially designed for people like you, who want to break down social and communication barriers to live a full immersion experience in the Spanish language and its culture. I teach people who wish to:


Take the learning of Spanish seriously.


Learn or improve the language.


Speak with confidence and assurance.


Leave their English —or any other mother tongue— speaking environment.


Interact with other people in their same situation.

«Learning another language is like becoming another person»

(Haruki Murakami)

What people say about me…

After only 4 months I can now talk about many topics and I no longer feel stuck. I find the classes are very amusing, completely personalised and full of interesting topics. It is important to me that we talk a lot about everyday things and situations. I can see my progress every week and my friends notice it too. In 4 months I have improved more than in an entire year with my previous lessons.

Lenca Zorko. Slovenia.


Nuria basically taught me everything I know about Spanish. And many people already tell me that I sound like a local!

Mark Hendrickson. United States.


I felt that I needed to understand the Spanish language and grammar better. The classes are helping me a lot, and I am now more fluent in Spanish and can create sentences with more confidence. I recommend Nuria’s classes to all, since she is also very nice company.

Jenny Rivett. United Kingdom.


When I started classes with Nuria I had a beginner level and now I’m in an advanced one. Learning Spanish gave me the opportunity to talk, to understand other cultures, and also to travel a lot to Spain and Latin America. In addition, it is very good to exercise my aging brain. Nuria is an excellent teacher. She is kind and generous. She has a personal, empathetic and very practical style. Working with Nuria has been a great experience because I have learned a lot. I had fun, too.

Rob Ryan. Australia.


Since studying with Nuria, my Spanish has improved significantly. As a teacher she is patient, taking the time to explain complicated grammar. I enjoy studying with Nuria because her classes are always fun and insightful, and I’ve learnt a lot not only about the Spanish language but also about the Spanish culture. Understanding the culture has helped me understand the language on a deeper level and has improved my confidence speaking Spanish considerably. I highly recommend Nuria as your Spanish teacher.

Shelly Payne. Australia.


I have learned Spanish with Nuria during the last few months. At first I didn’t have much confidence and couldn’t speak without thinking about every word and verb. However, after each class with Nuria I gained more confidence and now I can speak it well (it is my first language with many co-workers). She is a very professional, kind and flexible teacher.

Will Fleury. Ireland.

www.willfleury.com, www.linkedin.com/in/willfleury

Nuria is a very good teacher. She is very nice, patient and explains things very simply. Her classes are varied and fun.

Simon Whyatt. United Kingdom.

fb.me/20FITBCN, www.livenowthrivelater.co.uk

I was really happy with Nuria as my teacher, I was with her for about a year. We did mainly conversation classes and she corrected me at every mistake I made which is really useful and necessary. She also taught me many aspects of the grammar that I had tried nor thought of. Furthermore, I learnt a lot of slang and expressions which was really useful. I would recommend her to anyone!

Zoe Gidelberg. United Kingdom.


Nuria worked at our Spanish school in Melbourne for about a year. She showed very good skills and abilities in the progress of her teaching work. She knew how to adapt to the needs of the groups and convey the communicative and cultural components to the students. We are very satisfied with the work that Nuria did at El Patio Language School.

Ana Ruiz. El Patio Language School Founder & CEO. Australia.


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Nuria since 2014. She’s a first-class language consultant – very friendly and reliable. In her classes she focuses on fluency, accent, pronunciation and areas of Spanish that non-native speakers have difficulty with. LOS students appreciate Nuria’s regular feedback during the lesson, noting down collocations and phrases or giving quick explanations on any important mistakes. I’d certainly recommend Nuria to any serious and motivated learner and would like to continue co-operating with her in the future.

Martin Norling. L.O.S. Founder & CEO - Czech Republic


You may have also seen me as a language teacher in…

What do I have to do to start with the lessons?


Fill out the form

That you will find at the bottom of this page so that I can study your situation individually.

Profile selection

I will assess each case in detail according to the profile and commitment.

First session for free (30')

If you are selected, I will give you your first free 30-minute session, which includes:

✔️ A demo class with a game.

✔️ The identification of your language needs and level. 

✔️ Information about classes and materials. 

✔️Booking and payment conditions.

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that…

I can only cater for a limited number of people in both private and group lessons, so if you are really interested I recommend you fill out the form as soon as possible to book your place. 

(Class schedule subject to availability)

Do you still think you are not fluent in Spanish?

Small Conversation Groups

Duration: January 7h- March 25th

Time: Thursdays 1pm-2pm

Groups: 4 people maximum.

Level: B1/B1+

First lesson for free!: December 17th

An individual session for free!: Every month.










You will be speaking Spanish once and for all!

Fill out the form below so that I can analyse your situation and get in touch with you as soon as possible.

I wish to inform you that the personal data that you provide to me by filling out this form will be processed by Nuria Juárez as person responsible for this website. You may exercise the rights of access, rectification, limitation or suppression of your data by sending an email to info@spanishalterego.com


Why is the “Alter ego” method different?

Because unlike other traditional methods, I work on your perseverance and self-confidence first and teach you how to study a language, as well as the key points to achieve your goals and succeed. Additionally, I help you to enhance the development of your communicative competence (linguistic, sociolinguistic, pragmatic and discursive competences) by means of the spoken practice of daily life situations and useful and contextualised activities that are adapted to your needs.




Why is there a minimum of 4 classes per month?

Because it takes a minimum amount of work and perseverance to achieve good results. Otherwise, your goals may not be met and you would be wasting your time and your money.

Can I take more than 2 classes per week?

Yes, there is no problem in taking as many classes as you want, as long as there is compatible availability on both sides. Fill out the contact form for more information. 



Why are small conversation groups important?

Because you have to practise, practise and practise! Being in small groups will make you feel more at ease when speaking and, at the same time, it will help you lose your fear of socialising in Spanish, exposing yourself to new communicative situations, learning from other people, etc. in order to boost and speed up your learning even more.

We are 2 friends or a couple, can we take the classes together?

Yes, you only need to fill in the form so that I can contact you, assess your situation and recommend what I believe is the best option for you.



Why spend time studying Spanish every day?

In order for you to think in another language and learn it effectively, you need to be constantly exposed to it. The acquisition of a non-native language through naturalistic exposure or immersion always achieves better results.



Why is there a Spanish Alter Ego private community?

For a great reason: According to the renowned American educator Edgar Dale, we learn more by doing, practising, simulating, teaching, and in short, applying direct experience. Having the possibility to practise with other people and even teach what is learned in class increases our chances of success in learning Spanish. In addition, you will be able to connect with other students in your same situation, share experiences and make friends.


How much do the Spanish classes cost?

Prices are set based on your needs and objectives. For example: If you need to learn Spanish but have a limited amount of time, it is best for you to choose an intensive course of 5 days per week. However, if you want to learn at a good pace and get good results for a longer period of time, I recommend 2-3 days a week. We will be establishing the schedules and the learning plan that best suits you in our free trial session.


Can I join the Spanish Alter Ego community if I am not taking individual or group lessons?

Yes, you can join our private community at any time by paying a fee of €9/month. You only need to send an email to info@spanishalterego.com

Why learn Spanish?

It is the second most spoken language (over 577 million people) in the world after Chinese and the third most used language on the Internet after English and Chinese. 8.1% of the communications on Internet are held in Spanish and it is the second most used language on Wikipedia, Facebook and Twitter. In addition, it has a high growth potential due to the average Internet penetration in Spanish-speaking countries.