Our method

Imagine that...

One day you become fluent in Spanish and you know how to overcome all the barriers that come with learning a language.

You feel that you have the confidence and self-assurance to speak in any situation (friends, work, travel, living in Spain).

You are able to clear all your doubts and learn Spanish thoroughly because you have a person who guides you and helps you to learn more efficiently.

But is all this enough if you just study grammar and vocabulary in a traditional way?

Throughout my 12 years of professional experience as an Education specialist and Spanish teacher I have been able to discover the 3 main reasons why many people fail to learn a language:

Lack of perseverance and objectives.

Lack of a teaching method.

Lack of self-confidence.

Contrary to traditional methods that only teach you grammar or vocabulary…

if you truly want to learn Spanish properly and be fluent you need:

To work with perseverance

To get involved and committed to practise, practise and practise

A proven, meaningful and enjoyable method

Since as neuroeducation has shown, the brain only learns when emotions are involved.

A coach who can teach you confidence strategies

Train your mindset and accompany and support you when you are out of your comfort zone.

At Spanish Alter Ego we have developed the only Spanish learning method that works not only on grammar and vocabulary, but also on the strategies that help you speak Spanish with confidence and fluency.

The Alter Ego method is an approach that helps you work on all aspects of the Spanish language (both internally and externally).

It’s almost like having a second personality, a Spanish “alter ego”.

The 3 pillars of the Alter Ego method

Language training

Learning how to be successful and independent in studying a language is crucial.

Be aware of how to learn and to speed up your own learning with pedagogical techniques and strategies.

Let us discover and enhance your communication skills working on your linguistic, sociolinguistic, pragmatic and discursive competence.

Language coaching

The first step is to get to know you and focus on your mindset to:

Work on your perseverance with scheduled lessons every month and motivating daily 30-minute practices.

Develop your confidence when speaking by learning the necessary strategies.

Get the fluency you need practising and talking about topics of your interest.

Avoid dropping out of Spanish or procrastinating by knowing your goals and being aware of the language learning stages.


The basis for mastering a language is to understand its culture.

Learning social and cultural skills will help you understand how Spanish people live, think and speak.

Learning a language is not just about learning grammar.

But a continuous process of immersion into a different way of thinking and living and that you need to leave your comfort zone to fully learn a language.

Discovery session

Discover how to bring out your “Spanish self” and break down your communication barriers with the Alter Ego method.